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Friday, November 18, 2011

Free, Well Thank you!

Well today I went to the hip little area in Tulsa known as Cherry street. That is where LuluLemons show room is located at here in Tulsa, Ok.

Above is a picture of the store front. Notice the cute flowers in front of the window.

LuluLemons is a store that sells athletic apparel along with offering free yoga classes to encourage an active lifestyle.

The workers even post their goals, for example: take spin class twice a week, etc.. This store even offers a free rooftop yoga class at sunset when the weather is agreeable.
Well I was nervous about going in today. I won, yes won! A free tank top from the store during a drawing for participants at a Body Pump launch party. As most of you know I have lost 60 pounds since January. (I have been holding this weight the last month! Ugh! I have 40 left to go). After I won the top I went on line and saw the size chart, there xl is a size 12. Which I am not -I am a loose 16 or a tight 13/14. I was a little scared of going in and being laughed out of the store. ( I could hear the mocking in my head) but I sucked it up, and told the very nice sales lady (I am horrible with names!) that I was fearful that I might not "fit" into the tank. She was SO kind, she said she thought this other style of tank that had a built in bra and offered more support might just work. Did I mention that she offered to swap out my win of tank style 1, for tank style 2.

I will be honest, I have not bought a workout tank for myself yet. I tend to stick to yoga pants and a t shirt. However, I really like the comfort & support of this tank!
I will look even better in this tank in 10 more pounds down! Ahh! That tummy is getting smaller but slowly! So 10 more pounds is what I hope to loose for this calendar year, then tackle the last 30 pounds to make my goal weight in 2012.

At times like when the scale won't budge I remind myself where I have come from.

New years eve dec 31,2010

Here I am at 222.5 pounds

Here I am at 202 pounds

Here I am at 189 pounds

I look forward to working out and burning calories in my new Lululemon tank!

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  1. Amy ~ You look absolutely AMAZING!!!
    How I love Lulemon! If only it was budget friendly! I'm actually asking for my 1st piece (yoga pants) for Christmas. :-)

  2. You look awesome in that tank! You're an inspiration, and I know you'll get past this plateau. I read just this morning that you may need to "fool" your metabolism by mixing up your daily caloric intake - 1200 one day, 1000 the next, then 1100 - because it gets used to the same number daily and adjusts into survival mode for that number of calories. I hadn't heard this before, but maybe it could help. Keep up the great work!

  3. Loved seeing all the photos. What an amazing year you've had.
    You look great in the tank; the blue is perfect for you!



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