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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book review: Mr. Churchill's Secretary

The book is titled "Mr. Churchill's Secretary" it is written by Susan Elias Macneal. This book was a fun delightful read for any mystery lover! Especially if you enjoy anything from the World War two time period.

The book is set in England. Since the time period is World War Two, if you enjoy "Foyle's War" on PBS you will find the setting of this book comfortable.
Even though the book centers on a cast of young friends, the heroine of this book is a female named Maggie. Maggie finds herself accepting the position of a typist in the war office even though she is way over qualified. She reasons "there is a need, and I can fill it. It was as simple as that and in wartime it was all that mattered.". Isn't that the attitude that made that generation known as the "greatest generation"! Their attitude to push on, keep on, or as the saying goes "Keep Calm and Carry on."

Though that famous saying wasn't used in the book, many other war time sayings were. Since the setting is wartime London, it does reference many challenges that the British public faced daily while living in London during the Blitz without the details taking over the storyline.

I have always been fascinated with Winston Churchill, since he was so accurate in warning the British people of the dangers that was to come, even when he was laughed at. As you can guess from the title Mr. Churchill shows up here and there throughout the book.

This would make a great addition to any mystery lovers summer reading list! (I would have said beach bag, but since summer has been really warming up! Maybe it would be most enjoyed while reading inside in the comfort of air conditioning!)

I hope that you will give this book a try if you enjoy a good mystery!

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