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Friday, July 27, 2012

Crayon wall art!

Well if you have been inspired to make some crayon art work now is the time to do so!!! Crayons are on sale for back to school so you can pick up 3 boxes for what you would normally spend on just 1 box.

Start with a plain canvas. Any size will do! Next grab your glue gun and start gluing on your crayons.

We laid out all the crayons of the shade of crayons we were working with and made a pattern. (you would not have to do this but one of my daughters is a "type A" personality, so trust me when I say, we had to do this step. (it also let's you visually check to make sure that you have enough crayons purchased)

Next we found a silhouette on line that we liked, and printed it out. You might have to print a few different sizes out in order to ensure that your image is the correct scale that you want.

We used graphite paper to transfer the image to the back of some black vinyl that I already had. Contact paper would work as well. Once the Image has been traced onto the back of the vinyl/contact paper grab your scissors and start cutting it out.
I then held up the image to the canvas (with backing still on!! To eyeball the area that I wanted to tape off). Note: you must use a good painters tape like Frog tape, not masking tape. Again I repeat myself not masking tape- it will not stop the dripping wax.

(note masking tape was used in this picture. Learn from my mistakes). I then grabbed my Embossing heat gun and turned it on, and started to melt those crayons. I focused on the tip of the crayons that were pointed down. I would follow some of the dripping wax down the canvas with the heat gun to various degrees down the canvas.

Then remove the protective tape & peel the backing of the homemade sticker image & apply to the open area on the canvas. (both the dancer & girl with umbrella was a Pinterest try the only source I can find to give credit to is @danielle Milner, if this is incorrect I apologize. Please let me know & I can always update the info, thank you)

(the above wall art was a Pinterest try pinned from the following website: http://benfranklincraftsmonroe.blogspot.com.br/2012/03/how-to-melted-crayon-spring-bouquet.html?m=1)


  1. Very pretty - all three!
    Can't decide which I like the best.
    You and your artists should be very proud of this project!!

  2. Wow, I have never seen anything like that before...awesome.

    Love your blog. We had three girls and then thought we were done and very content. We now have five girls and two boys through adoption. Life is very exciting every moment...and lots of estrogen in the family LOL.

    Have a great weekend...will add you to my followers...love your blog.

  3. I am quite impressed! What a fun and creative project. I took notes because I have some little ones who would have a good time with this project. Thanks for sharing it.



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