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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Pinterest Party!

A few weeks ago I decided to host a Pinterest party. A Pinterest party is where you invite a group of friends over to take the time to make some pins/crafts that you have been pinning.

I had red bags out for each lady to label & place their goodies in as they went from center to center.

I tried to make centers so the girls would have to circulate, and everyone could work at their own pace. Below is an example of one of the centers. This center was the "Brown sugar scrub center".

The instructions and ingredients or supplies needed could be found at each center or station.

Above is the brown sugar in cute containers ready to be taken home & tried out.

Above is a picture of dry erase tiles used to label drink or food area. There were stickers & extra stuff so each girl could decorate & take home two, along with a dry erase marker.

Above is a picture of a styrofoam ball being covered with thumbtacks all over. Once fully covered they could be left silver/gold as the thumbtacks or they could be spray painted before using them in decorating by filling a hurricane vase.

Isn't the above the cutest coffee cup. I thought this would be the easiest craft to supply. I purchased mugs at the dollar store-no problem! Then I strolled I to Michaels Craft store to purchase the "porceliane" marker that I had read about on about 4 different projects on Pinterest. ALL of them listed "Michaels" as the place to purchase a
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint Markers. Did mine have this - no! Agh! (I'm sure you heard my cry of frustration!). I called all around town & no luck. I even tried Hobby Lobby craft store, no luck! This was the morning of the party so I had to go with plan b, which was sharpie brand paint pen.

The mugs turned out cute but to be honest they did not hold up to the dishwasher. If I had planned better, I wish I would have ordered this pen on line.

I had each girl bring a snack or dessert from Pinterest to share. I served drinks from Pinterest. I think it was overall a fun night!


  1. What a GREAT idea! Sounds like you had a good time!

  2. You are the ultimate party Hostess.
    Looks like such fun!



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