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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 things every lady needs...What I am short 3!!!!

Rita Wilson (isn't she just one of those woman who is classically beautiful, and gets better each year!!! Have you seen her in the movie "It's Complicated") Well she was on Oprah last week and was doing a "redo" or "makeover" on ladies basically 40 and older. On the show she gave a list of 4 things every woman at any age should have in her closet.... Yep! A horrible fear came over me as I realized that I was not as cool as I thought I was (I ignore my kids opinions of my wardrobe, pre teens so don't count!) but I was missing all the key elements but 1!!! (did I say all of them but 1!!!)

Well 4 essential key elements for any wardrobe was:

1) a black legging or a black jean

2)a black boot or a black shoe boot (this is the only item that I have, and it does have a heel - just becaue it makes me feel sexy and for no other reason than that!)

3) a jacket (I think she means the windbreaker that I wear to my daughter's soccer games)

4) a scarf (I think she means something pretty to wear through the day into evening, not a warm fuzzy thing to protect your face from the cold wind)

Well let me tell you I am adding those essentials to my shopping list for the fall because I want to be rocking it!!
What is on your must have/add to your wardrobe list???
(I do believe a great pair of flip flops/sandals are a must for summer as well!)
Do you think a basic essential is missing?


  1. I still rely on the 'little black dress' rule. Simple lines, simple design, that can be dressed up with whatever suits the mood. :)

  2. Definitely agree with Kelli on the 'little black dress' and would add a Chanel pocketbook! These are both investments that should last a lifetime!

  3. What a great post! I agree that Rita does get more beautiful with age, and she has put me to shame with her list. Like you, I do have the black boots with heals, and my daughter bought me a gorgeous red scarf when she visited NYC. But, that is it for me and my list. Thanks for this info. I smiled as I read it.

  4. Pearls and a can't live without perfume!

  5. Beautiful shoes! Have a gorgeous weekend! x



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