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Monday, June 14, 2010

Have we met?

The night I met Brent I was at a New Year's Eve Party. I was introduced to him as my girlfriend and me went to get a drink. Brent was getting a drink at the same time and he introduced himself.. Brent and I struck up a conversation as to how he knew my friends' boyfriend, (who was hosting the party) Brent told me that they were friend from High School. It ended up that both Brent and I had attended the same school, (but I was um.. 2 years older than him) but we had not ever met. (timing is so important in matters of the heart!) during the course of the conversation he mentioned that he was a twin, but his twin had not yet arrived at the party. Well I got my drink and moved along visiting with others, and mingling.
Over the course of the evening I bumped into Brent a time or two. At each time I would ask "Have we met? or are you the other twin?" not wanting to look foolish and start talking to a complete stranger. Well one of times we were talking Brent's twin Brett (yes, the names are so close it can be crazy to keep straight at times!!) came in to the party - Brent pointed him out as he hollered at him to come over. I was shocked as he pointed out his twin I thought they looked nothing alike!! I told him so - which prompted Brent to die laughing and holler out at Brett to come meet the girl he was going to marry. Brett asked why he was going to marry me, Brent died laughing and said that I could tell them apart. Which everyone died laughing who had heard.
As the evening continued we both flirted with each other, and talked. I remember thinking that this guy has the bluest eyes! Also that he was a really nice guy, he listened to me, and he had me laughing every time he opened his mouth. Brent was so funny I really enjoyed spending time with him. I even kissed him that night (shocking!) but it was New Year's Eve! So the theme song "A kiss to build a dream on" by Louis Armstrong has become a theme song for our lives.
Leave me one thing be-fore we part,a kiss to build a dream on___________________
When I'm a-lone___ with my fan-cies, I'll____be with you,
Weav - ing ro-man-ces, mak-ing be-lieve they're true.

Give me your lips for just a mo-mentand my im-ag-i-na-tion will make that mo-ment live.
Give me what you a-lone can give,a kiss to build a dream on.
lyrics from the song "A kiss to build a dream on"
Well a few days later, we went on our first date -a triple date. Go figure! I wanted my best friend at the time, and her boyfriend (who had hosted the party) to double date with us, and Brent wanted Brett and at the time his girlfriend Jennifer (who later became Mrs. Brett Barnes) to go on the a double date with us as well to help check me out. So what to do - we all went! We went and saw the movie "Body guard" with Whitney Houstin and Kevin Costner.

Well Brett reminded everyone during the toast he said to Brent and I at our rehearsal dinner that Brent had told everyone the night we met that I was the girl he was going to marry and here we are! Married for 15 years, and 3 kids later. Yes, I am so glad that I asked "have we met?"!


  1. I'd heard it before but I still love your story!
    BEAUTIFUL picture of the two of you on the beach.

  2. I love it!! So fun! I'm loving all these stories.

    I'm married to a Brett and have a step-brother, Brent! It is VERY confusing.

    You have a great love story!

    Thanks for participating today with us!

    ~Mrs. Albright

  3. Ahww -What a great story! That does sound confusing twins-with similar names -but,it's good you can tell them apart :)

  4. I love your story!

  5. Great story! I love how you included pics and all!

  6. Love.Love.Love.this story - and I never tire of hearing it.
    Beautiful photo of you two lovebirds.

  7. What a fantastic story! :) Some things are just meant to be. :)

  8. So romantic!!! I love the Bodyguard.

  9. I remember a month or two after I met Brent telling somebody that he was the first guy you ever dated who I liked.

    He seemed honest and sincere and to be quite crazy about you!

    Great story! Congratulations, you two!

    PS - That is a great picture of you both...



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