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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I have learned from watching the Real Houswives of New Jersey

I have learned a lot from watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

1. Mom's we all love our babies!

2. Parenting is hard!!!

3. Parenting does not stop when your baby turns 18.

4. as my momma always says "odd #'s of girls never play well together!".

5. Not everyone is going to see life the same way, or a situation the same way!

6. How we view life and the choices we make are based on our past, our beliefs, and the current support system we have around us right now.

7. The power of accessories,accessories, accessories!! Have you seen all those wonderful necklaces these ladies are wearing!!!! and don't even get me started on their beautiful earrings!

8. The choices we make on how we live our lives do impact our children!

9. You do have to be careful who you invite into your home, and lives of your love ones.

10. Did I mention that they have great necklaces that pull their look completely together!! Necklaces are my new Fave piece of jewelry!!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry??

What do you love about watching the "Real housewives series" or do you have a favorite one? (New Jersey, New York, Orange County, Atlanta????)

If you have not caught the series it comes on Monday nights at 10/9c on Bravo!!


  1. Jewelry complicates things for me - so I have a love/hate relationship with it. If I'm only wearing one piece of jewelry (not counting wedding ring) then it is my watch. It's not lovely but I feel naked without it.

  2. I love necklaces as well. They do complete an outfit.

    I have this season of RHNJ DVR'd but have yet to watch it. LOL! Silly, huh? I will though.

    I agree with all that you learned!

  3. I am a bit behind on the NJ ladies. Loved NYC Housewives. it is my guilty pleasure. i try and justify it as a study in the psychology of women :) and some of them do remind me of people I know but the Housewives are better dressed with cooler jewelry.
    I'm all about necklaces right now. I keep my earrings simple so I can have a statement piece necklace. i love them with a tank top, a casual skirt and flip flops.

  4. Ok this season is CRAZY?! "You know who" is certifiable. I love your list. I enjoy watching the show because it reminds me that my life is pretty good.
    I need to work on my jewelry. I get in a rut of wearing my favorite necklace & I don't change.
    One day, when I don't have 4 other little people to dress, I'll accessorize with flair!

  5. Great list!!! I love the show. . .my husband state that he feels sorry for me if I actually find it entertaining! ha!! :)

    Just found your site. . .love it! And we must be practically neighbors (I'm in Jenks, America).



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