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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How are you living?

I am reviewing the book "Bringing Tuscany Home" by Frances Mayes. I will be honest when I ordered this book I thought I was going to be receiving a "decorating book" , well I was in for a surprise because this was not the case. However I was delightfully surprised as I turned the pages to this beautiful book!

The pictures in this book, are breathtaking and could easily make this a book to grace your coffee table. Although the written words the description of living in Italy describes a love affair, that quickly makes you turn your eye towards your home and makes you question: How am I living? What do I choose to surround myself with each day? What could I do to bring some simple pleasures into my life? The author discusses how living in Italy has changed her life, routine, and her choices in life.

In one part of the book the author inspires you to look around your room and see what you have chosen to decorate and fill your room. Frances Mayes says "I liked learning that the Italian word for room is Stanza. As a poet, this appealed to me as I looked at Bramasole's walls, blank as pieces of paper." This is just a peek into this very enjoyable book filled with insights of living in Italy. The book is also filled with recipes for some wonderful Italian food. (roasted tomatoes, pasta with pancetta,potato gnocchi to just name a few)

If you need a mini vacation and can not get away, or feel that your life is in a rut I would encourage you to pick up this book and curl up in a comfortable chair and fly away to Tuscany with the author. Walk the gardens, smell the flowers, and the herb gardens, run your hand over the plaster walls of the house, and smell dinner cooking from the kitchen. This book is a wonderful get a way that I think anyone would enjoy! Who knows you may return home, and decide to bring some Tuscany back to your home as well!


  1. my dd just returned from Italy...she loved it there...Sorrento was her fave!

  2. Great reviews, although I was very distracted after reading, "potato gnocchi"... Mmmmmm.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this book. I need a mini vacation, and this looks like one I know I will like.

    I also like the list of things that you learned from watching "Housewives". It was a great list and I agreed with your thoughts.

  4. Sounds fun - and the encouragement to look around our homes at what we've chosen to live with is very important. So often, life gets too busy and we don't see what's in front of us every day!
    I love gnocchi and could use some new ideas for dishes including them, too!



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