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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things we just LOVE in the south!

Well it does not take long driving through the South to see what us Southerners just love!! (I do admit I am from Oklahoma on some maps we are on the cusps of the south, and some they just plain leave us off - however I feel that being Southern is a condition of the heart and this Okie counts herself as being Southern and proud of it!!!) I had to giggle as we did the long drive through 7 (yes I do believe I counted 7 states to get to Florida) That what we love we are proud of! The 1st. spot goes to SWEET TEA!! We even advertise it on the sign boards outside of restaurants We are proud of our Sweet Tea and no not every pitcher of tea is created a like.

2. We love our God. There is a church of varying denominations almost on every corner, and even one in the tiniest of towns where there is not even a stop light!

3. We also love Fireworks! Goodness I passed more firework stands than I could count! I guess our little boys don't grow up as much as we think, but to be fair, I guess that shows you we love the sparkle too!

4. We love our BBQ- cheap, fancy, quick, and slow - You can count almost ever town will have at least one BBQ place to eat at.

Those are the things about every Southern State can agree on - now after that We all love football, but on that subject our teams are usually dictated by what state we live in. I hope you all have a good day!


  1. as a kid...my favorite Southern things to do on a Summer's night:
    catch lightnin' bugs...and yes, there is NO g on the end of that word
    look for 4-leaf clovers under the shade of the magnolia tree
    look for crawfish in the creek
    picking hybiscus petals to make long fingernails (Mother didn't like us pulling her flowers, oops!)
    lying on granny's blanket and counting stars
    lying on granny's quilt making pictures out of the clouds
    Thx 4 helping me remember those great days!

  2. Your post here made me laugh! We were talking about going to my mom's next weekend and my son said he's not going because he wouldn't get to explode anything there! He's 20 and I don't even want to think about how much he will spend on fireworks this week!

  3. You are so right about all of these. And if you don't want sweet tea when you order, you better specify that!

  4. Yes, We LOVE all those things!! You were right on!



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