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I have discovered it is really hard to be Queen in a household with 3 princesses! Somebody is always borrowing my tiara! Well in between hunting my stuff down I am the proclaimed Queen in the Land of fluff (where my husband swears one day that he will die from glitter lung (you get the picture!) Besides that I am a dieting, exercising, crafting, biblestudying kind of girl.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A few of my favorite things....

Well I am a "Gilmore Girls" fan. I loved the shows quick banter, the characters of the small town, the relationships and interaction in between all those characters, it was a clean show so I could watch it with my girls. Well I think I have found a new show that is filling in the gap that Gilmore Girls left. It is called "The hart of Dixie" it's on Monday nights. Cute, funny, and so far pretty clean.

The second thing I can't get enough is this EOS lip balm.

Loving this!!! After reading Several reviews in magazines about how great they are I finally broke down and on impulse bought one. Now I am going to have to go back and buy several of them to store around the house and car where I store all my reading glasses. (I tried the mint flavor but I can't wait to try the rest!) i love when you try something out that has received good review and you agree with it! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!!

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  1. Thanks for two good reviews. It's always good to know good or bad before making a viewing or purchase decision.



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