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Thursday, October 6, 2011

losing weight and step class -the low down

Well if you like to dance, if you love to shake your thing step class might just be for you. I love step class! However, It has taken me 60 pounds down to be able to really to be able to start taking step class without making my knees hurt.
The low down of losing weight and taking step class is this:

1. Try it! if it makes your knees hurt, stop!
2. When you lose 20 pounds try it again, if it still makes your knees hurt -stop, wait for another twenty pounds down and try it again.
3. you have to be comfortable with yourself to not try to keep up with aerobic barbie in your class, and just do what you are able to do. If it gets to hard, just do what everyone else is doing on the step on the ground.

(*now I will be honest with you when I first tried step class I was not at this place. So what resulted was my knees hurt, I could barely get out of bed the next day- which in the end cost me 3 days of moving my body and burning calories -ugh!)
4. Remind yourself "It is not about being perfect, It's about effort". Yes, I have to remind myself this fact oh, about 30 times about half way through class when I am sucking wind, and aerobic barbie is bouncing around like we just got started.
5. It does not matter what you look like while exercising all that matters is that you are moving your body, burning calories. You are getting stronger, and improving you!
6. If you start back up and your knees just barely ache, come home ice them while watching TV, and take a few ibuprofen and hopeful you will feel fine in the morning. That's the key, and when you know you can add something to your regiment. (Some classes I am still sore the next day, but as the day wears on the soreness works itself out then it is a good type of soreness.)

However, like the old saying goes "The best exercise is the exercise that you will do!" So if you try step class and it is not for you. Hey, it's not for you, go try something else! Just keep moving!

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  1. good for you to keep on trying. i've never been much on step, but i love aerobics. or at least i used to. i'm not into sweating at all anymore.



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