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Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 warning signs that you need a mom's night out!

I am part of a mom's group in my town. Our moms group is set up where one month we are in someone house visiting, crafting, or just eating together and the next month we go out and do something as a group be it pottery painting, chic flick, etc... it is so much fun!

However you know as ladies sometimes things just happen...... you get a flat tire, the kiddos have been repetitively sick, the oven stops working, you gain weight (I know what a shocker!), you have PMS, etc... .some months are not created equal! It is on those months that we especially need to get out and connect with our girlfriends! So being human and real I was so glad to see my girlfriends the other night it was like a spa for my inner girlie self!
So here is my warning list:

The Top 10 warning signs that you need a mom's night out:

10. The only place you've been "out" to is the ball field.
9. Your not sure when you last soaked in the tub or took a long hot shower.
8. You've' been forgetting to shave above the knees.
7. Your toes still have last seasons "color" on them.
6. Your nightstand has a kiddie medicine cup and thermometer on it. (Your afraid to put them up)
5. You can't remember the last time you wore heels. or where they might be.
4. You can't remember your password to facebook or your itunes account.
3. When you find yourself humming -it is the theme song from your child's favorite TV show.
2. The only shopping that you have done in the last 4 weeks has been your groceries at Walmart
1. You start thinking "How do other mothers do it?"

We all need our girlfriends to remind us to laugh, that nobody is perfect, (even Mary lost Jesus for a few days), not to take life to seriously, ( and they will notice what color is on our toes so we have to paint them! ), and they will talk about fashion, music, and the latest episode of Grays anatomy. (As my husband reminds me occasionally "I am not your girlfriend. I have no idea what shoe would look good with those pants) oh hubbies, are precious but we still need our girlfriends! (and they understand what a chocolate craving is) need I say anymore!


  1. Girlfriends are great! According to your list, I'm due for a girl's night out. Good thing I have one scheduled for Tuesday!

  2. Gotta, Gotta, Gotta
    have Girlfriends.
    I'll see a bunch of mine at Bunko Thursday night!!

  3. I can see I am in need of a night out!



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