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Monday, April 6, 2009


Have you read the study that was reported on in the Times stating that those raised with sisters tend to have good or better mental health than those who were not. I laughed so hard and had to email and facebook my brothers (Yes, I had all brothers until I was 32 when my parents adopted my sister) and give them a hard time that they probably had better mental health than I did being raised with all brothers, which I signed my note : luv ya, Ameila "G" Plotnick.
No, my name is not Ameila "G" Plotnick but this is the name my brothers called me to torture me for years!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! and then they would say "and you know what the "G" stands for?? GROSS!" which I would run off crying to my parents. I look back at that funny memory and I am sure that this funny story and more made me mentally tougher, more capable to handle adversity.

Now raising 3 princesses I can see where they hopefully, prayerfully our daughters will grow up and support, and love one another and have a different bond than I have with my brothers. However I think brothers get a bad rap! I love my brothers and know that my brothers would be there for me in a pinch! True they do not want to discuss the latest episode of Gray's Anatomy, or go shoe shopping with me, but I am convinced my life is fuller, and richer because of them. I am sure being raised with siblings in general can produce this same feeling depending on the atmosphere of the family, and the families value of respect towards each other. I wish another study would be done, taking that into consideration.

What do you think about the sibling effect on mental health???

I am so sorry but I have to end this blog singing "Sister, Sister, Lord help the mister that comes between me and my sister, and Lord, help the mister that comes between me and my man." from White Christmas. Thank you, thank-you, I will be in town all week!


  1. I may be only a little sane, but I'm sure what little sanity I have was greatly aided by my awesome redhead sister! Thanks!

  2. Your brothers are mean....G stands for gross! LOL

    As for what I think about the sibling effect...it was fine when I was young but now they're starting to have an effect on my mental health. Can I disown them please?

  3. LOL!!! well, i had a brother and a sister...and we're all crazy!!!

  4. FUNNY! I actually love that song! This was a great post and yes I think sisters are great for the mind! :)

  5. Hello, :)
    I have two youger sisters and they are my best friends! Your daughters will love it when they are older. Right now they probably fight just a lil' bit....LOL!

    Thank you very much for stopping by my MM post and your kindness.
    I always appreciate a visit from you.

    Have a wonderful and blessed week.
    ~Melissa :)

  6. I'm thinkin' that God gets the blend right every time. If we fare better with a sister, that's what we get, and vice versa with a brother. "Family", in general, is such a blessing, regardless, or perhaps because of the right blend of Siblings.



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