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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

Okay, I was fine - really I was not freaking out or anything, until that is I listened last night to the evening news. Then I started to freak out a little (okay, allot!) I had mom's night out last night, which was so much fun! Our hostess with the mostess had a dessert bar for us all to nibble on while we chatted and caught up with what had been going on in each others lives. However when the fun was over I went by Walmart to pick hand sanitizer (which was OUT on the main aisle but I did find some up by the check out counter - whew!). I went ahead and bought some Lysol wipes, Lysol, and a bottle of bleach. Then I came home. Whew!
Now I am not sure what to do, but I do plan on wiping down my steering wheel with the Lysol wipes and using hand sanitizers like it is going out of style, and more poor children may be bathed in it. (almost)
Is anyone else out in blog land as concerned as I am, If so what steps are you taking, - if not why not?? I would love to hear from you all! (and I confess I did not finish sewing the apron as of yet - ugh! I have to clean house for the family that is coming in for the weekend because princess #1, and #3 are in a dance recital. That just wears me out thinking about it! I hopefully will get a chance to sew soon, I will keep you posted!)


  1. I am just washing my hands alot, getting lots of rest and trying to eat healthy. Oh and praying;)

  2. I've decided not to eat out until this scare is over. You don't know who is handling your food and I don't like to wonder about that. Lots of Hand Sanitizer and soap & water being used here...No Hand Sanitizer at our Walmart either. But wipes, Clorox and Rubbing Alcohol are plentiful.

  3. I wasn't too worried till we went to Sam's Club tonight and they greeted us at the door by handing us a disinfecting wipe and hand sanitizer! They disturbed me more than a little.

  4. Sam's has knockouts for about $10--or at least they did. The first ones we bought were from a local nursery and were less than $20, I think. I told my husband that for the price of a dozen cut roses that would die in a week, I could have beautiful rose bushes all summer long! That convinced him.

  5. Well, you know I am worried as well. I look funny at anyone who coughs around me these days! I am going to stick pretty close to home for the next few days. I have an appointment at the hospital on Monday and I am even tempted to cancel it, because it is the hospital, where sick people go!! Today we have more confirmed cases, here in ON.

  6. I'm just being cautious but I'm not overly concerned yet. I don't think it will be that terrible in healthy people and my kids are fairly old. I'm mostly concerned for the grandparents.

  7. Well, I'm wiping down about anything we come in contact with (including books, thank you very much) & staying home a little more, limiting my number of trips into stores, that type thing.

  8. well I pretty much am doing what we do normaly, the swine flu is a virus, and not much is known yet about it.we don;t go out in huge crowds- we hs so we don;t have the concern over sick kids in school-. We tend to stick close to home anyways, and we do avoid anyone who is scik.

    Sanitizer is good to a point but it also kills the good bacteria you need to fight off the bad. Just regualr soap is all you really need to wash with it kills he bad bacteria too.



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