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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rantings of a TV addict

aaaahhhhh!! Have you heard that NBC will be showing Jay Leno every night at 9pm starting this Fall line up. So what that means is.... all the 9 o' clock shows are in jeopardy: Life, Castle, all are in danger of being dropped. This saddens me as a TV addict - I admit it. I Love getting my children into bed all clean and ready for the next day of school. Meeting my hubby in the living room, a little past 9pm to start watching together the TV show of our choice (many of our favorites start at 9pm) we have a DVR and never watch live TV anymore. (Which the TV marketing should catch up with the technology of today instead of cancelling our favorite shows due to lack of "live" audience. Who watches "live" tv anymore - I don't think I know anyone who does. As a parent I could not follow a show if it was not for the "pause" button. Don't get me started that is a post for another day)

No offense to Jay Leno, but I don't want to watch his talk show when I would love to be entertained with a great mystery or laugh with quick banter of a show with characters that I love to watch. I hope CBS and ABC do not follow this new programing schedule!!!

Thanks for letting me get on my soap box about the Fall programing. Thank you, I will post my hostess apron making project tomorrow.


  1. the networks may also be doing this cause its cheaper just to pay Jays salary and his crews then all the other actors on the other shows. I thnk everyone is hurting from the down swiming economy and looking ot save a buck.

    we usually catch reruns on nick at nite or tnt, on the weekend, when I sometimems can stay up past the kids

  2. I will miss the 9 0'clock shows!! I wasn't aware of the Leno thing. Bummer.
    Cute blog, btw!

  3. Absolutely! Well stated. I thin NBC has made some critical errors in judgment, recently dropping some of their best programs. I guess it just makes me thankful for cable and DVDs!

  4. You are so funny! When I do watch tv at night, it's usually a movie. I don't even know what's on television anymore!

  5. I'm right there with ya. They call it "Late Night TV" for a reason. Most of the dialogue should not be on earlier in the day. :) Blessings, SusanD

  6. It is an odd thing, isn't it? There is so little worth watching anymore. It is a pity.

  7. I did not know that! I don't think I watch a lot of 9:00 shows, though. Actually - I have no idea what time my shows are on? They are all DVR'd too. :)
    Finally got you on my blog roll. I didn't realize you weren't on there and thought you'd quit blogging til I went looking for you yesterday. SORRY!!
    And - thank me later -- I tagged you on my blog today.

  8. I don't understand it either! Just drives me crazy! They are cancelling Chuck too! That just really ticked me off!

  9. I've some good news for you!

    Castle is an ABC show, and the Jay Leno experiment is going down on NBC, so...

    Jay Leno will have no effect on Castle whatsoever! :)

    (Now that doesn't mean Castle won't go away, but if it does, it won't be because Jay's taking the show's place.)

    Hey, your brother is here for you... :)




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