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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Save Money

Oh, don't you love the thrill of opening your mail box and seeing the arrival of a new magazine! I love getting mail that is not a bill or junk mail. I love getting to look at a magazine before anyone else has opened the perfume samples to smell them, or worked any quizzes or crossword puzzles in them. Nothing is like kicking your shoes off, pouring yourself a large glass of Coke Zero or Iced tea and plopping down on the couch to look at a magazine, or climbing into a bubble bath, with music playing softly in the background to unwind and look at a new magazine. Well I confess my love of magazines right here and now.

Now I confess that when I looked at what I had been paying over the years for those subscriptions- it took my breath away. So I put my creative mind to thinking how could I still enjoy my magazine subscriptions each month (monthly pleasure remind you) and shave money off of our yearly budget. After all one of my favorite budge quotes is from Jonni McCoy from the book "Miserly Mom" which she says "don't confuse frugality with depriving yourself".

So what to do - I tried checking out magazines from the local library - that was an OK, solution. Our local library will not let you check out the current months issue, and some magazines I have checked out someone else has got to the perfume sample section first, like I said OK, but not great.
Then I stumbled upon the best thing (at least for me) I am not affiliated with this company nor am I receiving any special benefits other than what I am describing. I found out about the "Coca-Cola" company reward benefit program. Basically for each bottle cap that has a "code" on it that you enter you receive "3" points. I cut back on alot of items however with tweens in the house coke products are a must on the weekend and I admit I love the bubbly of Coke Zero or Diet Coke. Thus those cokes are going to be drunk whether or not I was saving the points for them or not. So I started collecting those pop lids and family members who did not want to mess with them saved them for me as well. (Yippee!!!) I now went to the trouble of setting up an account on the cokemyrewards website. Then every 2 weeks or so I take a few minutes and enter my coke points.
Coke has a great reward program offering magazine subscription for Cosmo, Glamour, Martha Stewart Wedding, Bon Appetit, Everyday Food, Better Home and Gardens, Lucky, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Cookie, Parents, Smart $, GQ. These subscription differ in point value from 114 points to 250 approx points. However the Coke at my house is going to be drunk by our visitors, and me regardless and thru some extra work on my part I have been able to receive many magazine subscription for myself, hubby, kids, as well as being able to give them for gifts for "Free". I encourage you to check out this program if you drink Soda or Pop and have not found this program. It is one of my little budget saver and mental health savers suggestion.


  1. I'm sold on that program too! I haven't cashed in any of my points but I will someday!

  2. I've been using that program too - isn't it great? I've cashed in some of my rewards to get some fun stuff for the Princess Nagger...she loves getting cool stuff in the mail! :)

  3. I make the HUGE sacrifice of giving my points to some red-headed girl I know. She owes me, BIG TIME!!

  4. Wow...had no idea that program existed! VERY COOL!

  5. Do you love Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
    PARTICIPATE IN THE POLL and you could receive a prepaid VISA gift card!



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