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Friday, April 3, 2009


The "lipstick effect" I know you all are thinking what is that? Could it be where my lip print remains on my coffee cup after I take a sip, the added mint flavoring to my lip gloss to help freshen my breath? The come hear look I can send my husband once I have gussied up for the evening. (Well it is closer to the last one) I heard on the NBC nightly news broadcast with Brian Williams that there was a study done showing that the sale of lipstick was high even during these hard times.
Why did the sale of Lipstick of all things go up during a recession you ask? Well so did I, so I googled this new terminology "lipstick effect" and found a wonderful web site Phys.org that had an article written about a study that Professor Nancy Upton had done that stated: “During the Depression, we saw something referred to as the ‘Lipstick Effect,’ which showed an increase in the consumer purchase of cosmetics, especially lipstick,” she says. “What we saw was a consumer trying to make themselves feel better through small, indulgent, hedonic consumption.”
So that made me start thinking what was my "Lipstick effect"? What do I purchase to give myself a little lift or what do I still treat myself to even though I am watching our budget and cutting back???

I believe my "indulgence" is probably nice hand lotion, a cup of coffee from Starbucks (I have cut way back now only about 1 a month) and yes, I confess I have bought lipstick! (A real pretty pink color just right for Spring!) Because after all don't we all love lipstick - do you remember getting into your moms purse to put some on, or having caught your little princess playing with yours??
So if "lipstick" is not your "lipstick effect" during these tighter days what is yours??? What puts a little bit a pep in your step, or makes you want to give that man in your life that come here look. I would love to hear what your little indulgence is!


  1. Lipstick and Note Cards are mine.
    I've bought both this week, yet again...It used to be magazines, but not-so-much now.

  2. I've heard of the lipstick effect before, but had forgotten about it. Guess mine would be a magazine or paperback--but if I were to be completely honest, it'd be a Milky Way. They're my drug of choice.

  3. For me, it's probably a Diet Coke or a magazine. That was really interesting reading about this.



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