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Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you Frugal?

Are you Frugal? Do write out a budget each paycheck, use coupons, shop garage sales, or consignment stores, make your own food instead of buying convenience food??? Why?
Yes, I did just ask why! If you are not doing any of the above mentioned "frugal" behavior Why not?
For myself, I do much of the above "Frugal" behavior. Now at times I do more of them, than at other times. However, I am pretty much a frugal, or well "tight" with my money. Why, you may ask, well at first I had to, in order for our family to make ends meat. Then as things improved I decided that if I continued my "thrift" or "frugal" behavior it freed up more money from our budget to allow for extras - or as I like to call the "sugar" in life. The "sugar"
items are the extras like: dance lessons for the girls, or a new nice bottle of lotion and matching bubble bath for me. All of the things we could live without but life is soooo much sweeter with them!!!
I love hearing how people spend their money!! I love hearing why they spend their money on certain items over other items. I think it is about as fascinating as a tour of some one's home. So are you frugal?


  1. I have become a lot more frugal than I used to be. I have found that buying a lot of my things at places like Family Dollar or Dollar General saves me tons of money!

  2. I think "frugal" is a matter of perception. I am not as frugal as I once was because I don't "have" to be, yet, compared to MANY people I am quite frugal. I sometimes "indulge" in things that once I would never consider, but I always "think it through" and never act on impulse. I still love a Bargain, but I could "tighten my belt" more if it were necessary. I hate debt and try my best to stay as debt-free as possible (excluding car & house).

  3. I keep us on a budget. I do budget in fun money. Irish dance is our sugar!

  4. This is one budget babe! Thanks for stopping by, love your place here!!! Nice to meet you!



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