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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Party Game - Are you a Hot Tamale?

One Tues. I posted about our mom's group having a Mocktail/Cocktail party (see older post) and told all from how we threw the party, what our invitations were like, and a few drink recipe to get you started if you wanted to throw your own. I mentioned that we played a real fun girlie game called "R U A Hot Tamale?" I told you I would post the game later, so ta da!!!! That day is here. You too can play this game in with your girlfriends. (It was good for lots of laughter and conversations)

R U A Hot Tamale?
1. Daily shaving in the past 2 weeks gains a point for you sister!
2. Shaving above the knew gives you another point you see!
3. Make-up everyday for the last 3 weeks gives you 3 points sweet cheeks!
4. A skin care line every day & girl you are smooth! or you want to be. So you get 4 points that's key!
5. Fixing your hair with more than a ponytail holder for at least 1 week gets you 2 points.
6. Lotion on the bod after shower or anytime, everyday for the last 2 weeks get you 3 points - your slick!
7. Perfume is so yummy! If you've worn perfume in the last week twice (2x) you've earned 4 points You got it going on!
8. Earrings can be simple and small or Big and crazy, if you have worn them at least 4 times in the last week give yourself 2 points!
9. Necklaces and bracelets all color and sizes - they are awesome finishes to an outfit. Give yourself 4 points if you have accessorized at least twice in the last week.
10. Nails filed and clean is a job in itself. Give yourself 3 points if you are up to task.
11. Polish and pretty nails gets you 5 points - Girl you are salonified!
12. Moms usually buy for others not for themselves- give yourself 5 points if you have bought something for yourself in the last 2 weeks - not from Walmart & toothpaste does not count!
13. Okay ladies it's night-night time give yourself 5 points if you sleep in something not your husbands, not 10 years old, doesn't have holes in it, and doesn't completely cover. Come on girl you get it!
14. Last but not least give yourself 4 points if your wearing a thong or matching Bra and pantie set.

0-17 points Your a Popsicle Sister~ you are too busy, you need to love yourself. You need to take time and pamper yourself
17-32 points Your a Warm Apple Pie- Girlfriend you are doing pretty good with your busy life, your fixing up, but don't forget to treat yourself!
32-56 points U R A HOT TAMALE!! Go girl! You got it going on- your fixing, filling, shaving, making up, slicking the bod up, wearing the slinky nightie, YOU ARE HOT!!

This was such a fun game to play! We had prizes for our Hottest Hot Tamale, and our coldest Popsicle. (We gave a jewelry set to each girl)

Me and my girlfriend Christy made this up. I hope you can adapt it to one of your own girls night. (Just in case you were wondering I was a Warm Apple Pie, but I strive to be a Hot Tamale!)


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. From one mother of three girls to another...I think I am going to enjoy this "land of fluff". It seems like I have been in that land for a long time, and with two granddaughters I think I will be in it for awhile longer.

  2. What a fun game. Thanks for the idea.

    Lynnette Labelle

  3. Great list, such fun to play!

  4. Greetings, Thanks for stopping by my blog spot. This game is a grand idea. I'm definitely going to play this with my friends. Blessings, SusanD

  5. That does sound like fun! Of course, I already know I'm a hot tamale:)

  6. Ack, I think I have lost my hot tamale status!



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