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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hospitality to kids friends

As much as I love having people over into my house - when it comes to the area of hospitality to my children's friends I have struggled!!
Why? You ask, well it seems to me 1) my children always ask on a day when it is truly inconvenient to me. 2) some children have broken things, be it accidental, the item still ended up broken. Not that my angels have not ever broken anything before, but it adds to the "work" of having someone over - and yes, you can see I am selfish -they are not my guest.

Well, God did not like this attitude of my heart and mind! God set out to change my opinion he first reminded me that my home is to be a blessing to others (not just my family). God also reminded me that our house could point to him by providing a safe place for kids to hang out, as well as for parents to step inside and pick their kids up. (God did not need to send me to a mission field he was sending the mission field to my house) God also reminded me loving others is messy! Loving me is messy work, and look where he started from and anyone in my home is my guest. Lastly God reminded me thru his word "Be hospitable to one another without complaint" 1 Peter 4:9

So after confessing all my shortcomings and yes, realizing that God loves me and how messy that has been I have been opening the doors to our home and welcoming all that my children invite in. (Now that does not mean I don't occasionally say "no, not today, but Hannah can come over tomorrow" because I do). This is the guidelines I have organized my life around to be able to be in the position to say "yes" when my kids ask if so & so can come over.

1. Keep your house picked up. Be realistic it does not have to be perfect, but children should not have to step over the pile of clothes to get in the front door.
2. Keep it simple. Kids and teens I am learning love to eat, drink and visit. Nothing gourmet required.
3. Plan ahead!!!! Plan on your kids asking, plan on neighborhood kids stopping by, expect the unexpected!! Have on hand extra cookies, snacks in the pantry or freezer. I almost always have a box of brownies in the pantry. Sometimes I have lemonade and sometimes I have pop. (The oldest princess has a friend who was very sensitive to caffeine so I started stocking up on caffeine free pop- just to be able to pull it out of the pantry when every she came over)
4. Have an open door. Say "yes"
I included a recipe below that is always a hit (how can you go wrong with chocolate and it can be served with any fruit I have on hand and a bag of marshmallows - cheap!) I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.
Incredible Chocolate Fondue
2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips
(*experiment with different flavors of chocolate chips)
1/3 cup heavy cream
1 t sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 cup butter
2 T amaretto or vanilla extract
(If I decide to make this recipe for adults I like 2 T of Chambord)
Cooking day instruction: In large saucepan, melt together the first 4 ingredients. Remove from heat and stir in the remaininig ingredients. Cool, Freeze using freezer bag.
Serving day: Allow sauce to thaw slightly -place in dish to heat for approx 1 min in microwave (Watch carefully every ones microwave is different)
Serve with bananas, pineapple, vanilla wafers, marshmallows or whatever you have on hand etc...
**I got this recipe from the book titled "Don't Panic-Dinner's in the Freezer" by Susie Martinez, Vanda Howell, & Bonnie Garcia - if you have not read this cookbook I suggest you check your local library it is a great cookbook full of wonderful recipes.


  1. Great reminders for all of us.
    You'll never regret that your house is the one kids navaigate to. Your little princesses are blessed to have a mom with such a good attitude. You must have grown up in such a house...the recipe makes my mouth water. Nothing is better than pure chocolate!!

  2. My son is not even two yet, so I don't have to deal with this right now. This is in my future though and I'll have to remember not to freak out when he has friends over.

  3. I love that line, "Loving others is messy and loving me is messy work." LOVE it! may just have to put it on a post it and hang it on my bathroom mirror to remind me that sometimes I should expect these attitudes as just part of life. And thanks so much for visiting. Will be back! :)

  4. another fun thing to do with the kids friends is to have a tea we do htis often on sundays, it can be pretty simple, some brownies and tea or you can go all out and do cucumber sandwhiches, and fancy tea cookies.

    I toohave struggeled wiht this att iems- and sometimes its my hubby bringing home folks he works with unexpectedly, who need a meal or a friendly face. I always ask him to please call me so I knoe someone is coming and I can at least comb my hair and pick up a bit.Now we just pick up every afternoon mop and vaccum keep dishes washed etc.. so its at least presentable.

    your so right god brings the mission to us when we cannot go on a mission, I had not thought of it that way before thanks for the enlightening thoguht.

  5. I try to make my house open to my kid's friends. Sometimes I get tired of it though. A few days ago a neighbour kid came after school and asked for peanut butter toast. I thought do I have a sign out front that says Diner? Matt answered No, Diner's are fancier than this house! LOL

  6. I actually struggled with that myself when the kids were younger. I fought my need to be selfish and have the kids just with me also.

  7. I think you are so wise. Sometimes it is hard to say yes but I have found that is the best answer if at all possible. And they do like simple.

  8. You are a wise mommy! I love it when my kids want to have friends over, but it used to feel so overwhelming! I finally did just what you said and realized God wants me to share the love and hospitality of our home. Now I really look forward to it!

    Fantastic post!



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