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Monday, March 16, 2009


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I am not sure, what many of you are feeling regarding AIG right now. I am not feeling kind, like, or anything remotely good towards AIG. I just got done drinking my morning coffee and was watching the news headline and learned 2 things about AIG:
1) they are giving - yes giving 160 billion dollars in bonuses...What, What???

My husband works for a company that does salary & extra bonuses - and let me tell the company is being responsible and have almost cut out all bonuses. Am I thrilled about no bonuses -NO! However I am glad that this is making the company more solvent and that we will keep receiving a regular paycheck. That does make me happy.

2) AIG took 2 out of every 3 dollars that the US Govt gave them and sent the $2 to banks located in other countries. Forgein banks are benefiting from our bailout $ instead of our countries banking system that is needing every shot in the arm it can get.

and 3) yes, I have decided to blog a 3rd - this is not the first story we have heard about the leadership of the company blowing federal bail out $ on their excessive spending. Enough! Enough! Enough! I tell you

Well I do not want to offend - but I am so frustrated. I am cutting coupons, checking my expenses, watching my budget, building up my savings account, and pantry with reserves and a large company is spending $ (my money- be it I am a citizen of the US and I pay taxes) on extras - when ever one else is having to cut back! Ugh!!!
Maybe, this will look differently to me later in the day when I have woke up all the way - but I decided I had to come up and blog about this -I was too disgusted not to.

The kiddo's, & hubby are home this week for spring break so we are running around. I will be back to blog after the movies to write about my "love dare" update.

Posted by the mom living in the "land of fluff" trying to keep her fluff together!
(sorry this is not a political blog but this is cheaper than therapy)

How do you feel about AIG and their behavior?? How are you handling the change in the economy?? What changes have you had to make personally or as a family, (or church, or business owner, etc....)


  1. I feel like we just keep cutting back further and further and further and still don't get ahead. It's maddening.

  2. Thinking about AIG truly makes my stomach hurt. I'm like you. I'm cutting back like crazy. Yelling at my kids if they drink too much juice, etc. Yet these bozos get bonuses. It is maddening.



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