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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hospitality Tues. - Lemon Luscious Party

Well I am new here in blog land- I am starting to find my rhythm (just a little). So Tues. I am going to blog about: hospitality, & throwing get togethers. I love having people over, and I especially love "theme" get togethers. So I thought I would share about these topics on Tues. (as we dig out after the weekend & our mind is starting to drift onto next weekend activities maybe you will enjoy this blog)
The above pictures are from a "Lemom" theme party I threw. It was so much fun. Once I picked a topics things just fell together in my lap. For the centerpieces: I used sliced lemons in the glasses vases & just picked up inexpensive yellow flower bouquet to place in vases on the table.
I served Lemoncello's as my speciality drink:
mock lemoncello:
1 can of frozen yellow lemonade
1 bottle of club soda
stir and mix in sliced lemons in pitcher.
1 can of frozen yellow lemonade
1 cup of lemoncello
1/2 cup vodka
3/4 cup of sugar
pour in club soda until top of pitcher
stir. garnish each glass with a wedge of lemon.
As an icebreaker we played a quiz I had made up and titled "Are you Lemon Luscious?" (just a trivia game with reference to anything using the name Lemon, from the lemon laws, to actor s, to a drink recipe question)
The prize was little spiral pads covered with black & white gingham printed paper, and black and gingham checked and yellow ribbon tied to the spiral part of the pad, with a yellow pencil.
The dessert for that evenings meal was Lemon bars
The take home gifts for the evening were little bottles of lemon scented lotion that I had picked up from Target for $1 each. As well as I had mixed up lemon flavored sugar (recipe to follow) I place the sugar in a cellaphane bag, then into cute gingham printed bags ties with a yellow ribbon - very inexpensive! The Flavored sugar as a gift bag idea came from a wonderful book by : Adele Ellis called "Sentimental Living from the porch-4 seasons of hospitality" This is a great book if you do not have it in your collection - may I suggest you consider this title - wonderful decorating tips as well as take home gift suggestions. I have tampered with the recipe I thought it was too strong so the recipe below is my altered recipe.
Lemon Flavored Sugar
1 packet of Koolaide Lemonade
1 & 1/2 cup of sugar
*mix together, and can be used to flavor ice tea.

*This was a fun spring & summer get together that I hosted for my bunko girls back in the spring of 2007, & used the same theme and threw a similiar party for my mom's group in the summer of 2007.
(don't be afraid to limit hosting a party with a theme for only one group of people -as long as the party guest change nobody will know (why reinvent the wheel!) And it will be twice as easy to prepare for the party 2nd time around.
** I keep a hostessing book that list my themes, pretty much the details above, as well as the guest list. So I don't have an accidental repeat of a theme)
I had a fun time with this party
and remember "GRITS PEARL OF WISDOM #13
If anyone tries to tell you a Southern girl shouldn't drink, just tell them the truth: we don't drink, we sip...a lot." From the GRITS Guide to life book.
What are your favorite party themes?


  1. OH those Lemon drinks sound so yummy!

  2. I love the lemon theme! Welcome to blogging and thanks for dropping by my blog today!



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