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Monday, March 23, 2009


why is the term homemaker almost unheard of in the modern magazine?? We all live somewhere, we all have to take care of our property, we all need to wash our clothes sometime. I am just confused when this became a negative term.

I have been reading some homeschool magazines (no I do not homeschool right now, but I am considering it if the school day was to change to a full day) However I have found the most interesting monthly articles on being a homemaker full of good information. Some I knew, some I did not - however I always end reading the article feeling encouraged,proud of the work I do and that someone else gets me. They know the hard work it takes to care and maintain my house and make it into a home that blesses my family, guest as well as provide a place of peace for me and all my loved ones.

what do you think about the term homemaker? Is there a better term? Do you think it is an old fashion concept?? What do you like to read or what website/blog do you like to go to for your best homemaker advice or information?


  1. it means someone who makes a house into a home not everyone can do that and not every house is a home. -I have been in some cold unfriendly, univiting places- being a hmemaker is something to be proud of.

  2. I like the word "homemaker", too. The only place I see the term these days is on surveys...you know, under "employment status." I get most of my homemaker ideas from Martha.

    And...we homeschool, too! :)

  3. Homemaker is the term I use to describe myself. It is what I do and I am proud of it! And I pull ideas from everywhere.

  4. I was in a mall last summer and one of those ladies in a kiosk selling cell phones stopped me. She asked me who my cell phone provider was, and I answered that I was a homemaker and I didn't have a cell. (because I hardly ever left my home) It was funny because it just slipped out of my mouth without thinking.

    Homemakers be proud!

  5. I love the Flylady for helping me clean and organize. I don't really use homemaker anymore. I call myself a stay at home mom. But, surveys still use that term pretty frequently.

  6. I love the term "homemaker"....what better calling than to be entrusted with a home full of children and a husband. ♥

    Email me so i can give you all the Cherish Bound business update information....i can't find an email for you.

    tarabrown at cherishbound dot com



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