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Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow Days in Spring??

Well I live in crazy Oklahoma where the weather changes quicker than you can blink! I'm sure you remember my spring pictures I posted of my bulbs flowering in the flower beds, a spring arrangement on the front door, I had switched my candles to a spring fragrance, took the pine cones out of bell jars, and had added sand and sea shells all ready for spring and summer. With all that in mind look at what happened here on Saturday:

I had to laugh, my husband went out to play with "his girls" and came back in all upset saying there were 3 stinky boys in the yard that had come down to play with our girls, and one had even introduced himself to Brent. I laughed so hard!
Well now it is Monday and no snow is on the ground. It is so amazing to live somewhere where the weather can change so drastically in just a few days. (You never really pack any one season's worth of clothes completely away)
Hope spring is a blooming in your area!


  1. Our weather has switched back to winter for this week..it looks! Dusting of snow on the ground this am. I can't complain though we had a good couple of weeks.

  2. well....i won't even brag about the weather I'm having down here in Florida... completely the opposite!!! but a little snow ONCE in a while would be fun!!

  3. Here in North Idaho we woke up to snow for the third morning in a row. The good news is that it melts by noon so the bulbs still have a chance to peek out. I love the look of crocuses poking through the snow.

  4. some of our biggest snows here in Maryland have happened in April. Looks like a fun day, the good thing wiht a spring snow is they don;t last toolong on the ground

  5. Get used to the "stinky boys".
    With girls as pretty as yours there will be many in your future.
    Great photos!!



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