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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A chubby chic's experience at Sky Gym

Well a friend of mine gave me a free week pass to the Sky Gym here in Tulsa, OK. So I decided to check it out. First off the facility is beautiful! It has all the amenities and more than you could even dream to be housed in a gym. I went yesterday mid morning to check out the gym. Upon arrival I checked in to the front desk, where the young lady working the reception gave me a cute little "Oh, bless your heart" smile. Which did almost make me want to turn around right there! but I thought, "nope, Amy put on your Big Girl pants (swallow, hard here yep! they are bigger than I wish they were!) You can do this!" So I smiled back, and said "yes, I am here to check this out" got my pass and proceeded back to the locker room to leave my purse and bag in the beautiful, locked locker that they provide for you!
On my way back to the locker room I passed a juice bar, and a spa. I quickly deposited my stuff and went out to the work out floor area. Where feeling like I had no idea, what to do, I quickly jumped on the first tread mill I saw. Now this first area of tread mills -allows you prime viewing of the workout area of the gym. From where I was walking I was able to "people watch" the weight machines, the other area of treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes. The cross fit area. Where I have to stop and just admit the ladies who work out in the cross fit area are amazing athletes I saw them doing all kinds of moves that it takes real muscles and endurance to be able to pull off! I dream of one day being a cross fit chic! (In case you do not know what cross fit is I included a link for you)
Enough said about the lay out of the gym. The first thing I noticed, right away - guys can wear anything, AND THEY DO! However, the ladies were all dressed it black pants, (did I mention that I wore my light gray Capri work out pants-yep! I stood out as a newbie!). and all colors of cute brightly colored workout tops, and a few t-shirts. The amazing athletic girls in the cross fit area even wore these cool headbands that helped with the sweat drip page, and kept the hair slicked back. I want some muscles and a cute headband! Well I guess every journey starts with baby steps!
The ladies I ran into and got to visit with were all sweet, kind, friendly and very helpful and answering my questions. I think I will have to consider joining this gym in the fall after all my kiddos start back to school. (They do have a fab child care program -however my kids fall in the age of I think I am to cool for a babysitter, but mom would not feel comfortable going to work out for 2hours a day and leaving them at home by themselves yet category.) So I would say Thumbs up for Sky gym, and the only mildly offensive attitude I encountered was from a young girl at the front desk who was not even probably 20 years old yet. All other Sky gym employees were very nice and friendly! I think that is just life, sometimes you run into sweeties, sometimes you don't! So Sky gym is as wonderful as they say- and it would be a great gym no matter what size or fitness level you are! However take it from me, the next time I go I will definitely wear my black work out pants!
If you want to go by and take a look and check it out. Ask for Brittany Nichols, if you want to set up a time to go by so she can show you around you can reach her at ph#1-918-299-5500. She has been great showing me around, getting me familiar with Sky gym, and no hard sale!

**I am not paid, nor have I received anything to endorse this gym.


  1. I go to SKY! If you join, then we should coordinate some cardio time. I am never there longer than an hour though. I'm just not that gym girl. :)

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