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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God is doing something amazing right now!

God is doing something amazing! I have attended church for most of my life and have always heard that if someone does not accept the Christ as their personal savior the chances that they will do so as an adult is very slim. I googled this question to see if I could "verify" this fact I had always heard bantered about. The Barna Group did a study that showed that if someone had not accepted Christ by the age of 14 chances were very small that they ever do so. I tell you what God is doing something in America right now!! Our church has what they call a baptism bash approx every 2-3 months. People I am amazed at the number of adults that are being baptized! It is shocking I have never seen anything like this. We are seeing 4 adults to 1 kid getting baptized -WOW!!!! I just had to blog about this. This is after all my 200th post, so I wanted to make sure that the post was worthy of the spot. Have you seen God doing anything amazing in your area or life lately?

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