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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weight loss update

Well this is my weight update for the week. I have decided to take the advice of Keelie from RealFat and take photos of my weight loss journey. The below picture was taken on New Years Eve this year. I knew I had gained weight after breaking my arm in the fall, but I was really not prepared to see the below photo of myself. I was a lot, I mean A LOT wider on the bottom than I had even realized that I was. I guess I was hanging out in denial!
weight: 249.5

current weight: 222.5
down 27 pounds
Keelie recommends taking pictures of your weight loss journey so that even when other people do not notice your weight loss, you have record and confirmation that your body is changing. Whew! This was an emotional post today!

This week my weight did not change -Ahh! However, it was my birthday week I turned 41 this past week. So I had ate out for dinner (did I mention I ate my weight in chips and salsa, and had birthday cake and I did not gain! So I will take that as a victory of some sorts.)

How did I manage that you ask, well my weekly report was emailed to me for LoseIt! and it told me my totals for the week were:
walking: 5 hours and 30 Min's
Stationary bike: 1 hour and 55 Min's

I am making healthy changes, and I am taking better care of myself. I am starting this week to add free weights into the equation and see if that helps make a difference in my weight loss for next week.


  1. Kudos to you--for the weight lost so far, for posting pictures, and for posting your weight. That couldn't have been easy. You are doing great! It shows in the pictures and on the scale. Keep going!

  2. Congratulations. It is so nice when hard work pays off and losing weight is VERY hard to do.
    Just so you know, I think you look gorgeous.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!! What an accomplishment!
    Love U



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