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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The girls are back in town!

Well Sunday night kicked off the Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo. So what should one do, well have a "Girls Night In" party for you and your friends. I planned the menu to be around the "Orange" of the "orange county of the shows name. I planned the color scheme to be pink, orange and lime green. With all this planning what could go wrong!?!? Did I happen to mention I had such a good time, at my own party I forgot to take pictures, until AFTER the party! I am sorry I don't have any cute pics of my friends but there was enough stuff left over that I can show you what I did. I first made "Fruited Chicken Salad" that has grapes, and Mandarin ORANGES in it. Yum! I then made and served Fuzzy Navel, and Sangria (the Sangria recipe called for strawberries, and ORANGES) Below is a pic of the Fuzzy Navel it was very yummy!

The only time I got off task was for the dessert. Sorry, for a girls night in Chocolate was the only way to go. So I made "Salted Carmel Cupcakes" that I had previously made for 4th of July. How can you go wrong with Chocolate and Salted Carmel? These cupcakes are super easy to make, but look and taste like it was a lot of work.

For my friends who do not drink alcohol, or were dieting and watching their calories. I found these yummy green tea at my local Health Food Store by Zhena Gypsy Tea: Mint Mojito tea, and Berry Bellini tea (a raspberry and peach flavored tea) both these tea's were completely alcohol free and went with the fun orange/fruit theme.

The take home party favor of the evening was that each lady got to select a fun nail polish color from a variety of shades (ranging from peach, coral, light pink, hot pink, and red!) You know girls love options and it was like shopping but free!
I am sorry that I forgot to get out my camera during the event. You know how it is when you are hosting a party -you are always busy! Hope that might give you some ideas for your next Girls Night In party. All and all it was a fun night, and the girls from Orange County provided all the drama we could handle and talk about! Did anyone else catch the show Sunday night? What did you think?

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  1. I always forget to take pictures! How cute is that party?!



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