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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin -this has got to stop!

I hardly ever blog about politics. Why? because I leave those topics to those much smarter than me. However, I am getting very frustrated when I watch the evening news and I am truthfully shocked about how the democrat senators are holding the state hostage. Nearly all of the state's 14 Democrats in the 33 seat Wisconsin senate have left the state to refuse to vote! Why? because they know they would lose the vote regarding "unions collective bargaining". I am sorry this blog is not supporting or against the union it is just a rant against keeping our democratic type of government from working!!! Please, I did not "vote" for Obama as the President of the United States, however since the majority did I recognize him as President! Oklahoma went for McCain but we recognize Obama is our President. So what if we are not happy! Next election maybe more people will think like we do, if so our candidate will we win! If not we lose, all peaceful! No rioting, no burning down cities, no one killing one another. That is what is really wonderful and amazing about our country!

The Democrats of Wisconsin need to show up and let their votes be counted, and let what happens, happens. Democrats of Wisconsin it is time to put your Big Girl pants on, vote! IF Wisconsin you do not like the outcome of that vote, next elections vote the people out you do not like! This is America and we have a democratic government and a system in place that you need to let work! Whew! Well I am now off my soap box! Thank you for indulging me!


  1. Love this post. I believe exactly the same.

    I have a blog friend from WI who is a teacher. I can empathize with how she is feeling personally, but come on!!

    And, those stupid senators ought to be fired (or not rehired) next go around. If we didn't show up for our jobs that is exactly what would happen.

    Their state is about to go bankrupt and no one wants to step up and do anything about it - short term!

    I hate politics. My blood pressure just shot up. LOL!

  2. Don't get me started! This whole political thing is ridiculous. WI is probably just a precept of what is to come in our country!?



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