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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1 degree can make all the difference!

I got home from the gym the last two days with a giggle. The First one, was after my second class called "Body Pump" -each class has a different instructor. This instructor was precious! Funny, kind, encouraging, and she wanted to know my name at the end of class, and encourage me to come back to class which I Really, Really appreciated!! But I got the giggles almost when she asked if I was a new member at the gym. (Did I happen to mention that I was the only Plus size woman in the class? I couldn't help but giggle and think, "hum, however could she tell". (The old me would have been to intimidated to go into class and participate, but not now! That old way of thinking though still roars it's ugly head every once in a while. )

Just as quickly as I can be encouraged something small can happen that lets the wind out of my sails! I am fighting through it! I ran into a good friend today at the grocery store that I used to see on a weekly bases, and haven't seen as much in the last 6 weeks. She did not mention my weight loss at all -boo hoo! (33 pounds! and she did not notice-ugh!) I kinda whined around, and had a little pity party for myself. However not a huge one, no following off of the diet wagon or anything.
So when I got home and was checking my emails I was very encouraged to find the below video being sent to me. So after watching it, I am more positive and I choose to cross the line!!
and keep crossing that line!! I also received my LoseIt weekly report from last week. I choose to celebrate my small victories, or choices each day, each week!

Exercise total for last week:
type: Total time: Calories burned:
Yoga 25 Min 64
Walking 5 Hours & 50 Min 1400
Stationary Bicycle 1 Hour 20 Min 831
Weight Lifting 1 Hour 15 Min 259
Total 2555

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you everyone, who sends me an email, or comments on my weight loss journey updates! I really appreciate your encouragement!! (More than you know!!!)

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  1. You are on a journey so it won't happen in a day - it takes a while to get there. You've come a long way and you're gonna make it to your goal. Your friend may have not noticed your weight loss but YOU know how far you've come and all the health benefits you are reaping along with the loss. Keep on going!! It's gonna happen and you'll be struttin' your slimmed down self soon. I really think God is preparing to use you to help others reach their weight goals after you finish your journey. Yeay for 33 lbs GONE!!!



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