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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top Secret Beauty Find!

Have you ever stumbled across an amazing fact, then found out, about EVERYBODY knew but you? Well that is what I am feeling today. I have heard of this fab primer! That is great, and inexpensive! It is a guarded beauty secret of many I learned. What is it you ask? Well if you have not heard, hold on to your hat girlfriend, it may be a bumpy ride!

Well you won't believe me -it is a product made for chafing of the thighs by Monistat. I know! Shocking isn't it? No, this product does not treat yeast infection it is made to prevent rubbing of thighs , however the main ingredient is the same as many high end primer. Once I have learned of this product, I googled it and found tons of Rave review, one by Bionic Beauty even Glamour magazine reviewed it! I enclosed a youtube video of a review of this product below.

Well if you went to the blogs listed above, you can see that some of these reviews were done in late 2009! Ok, this has been a well guarded secret and I want to know which of my friends have been holding out on me? Well, if you are guiltless then you to can enjoy this little beauty secret!
I hope you have a good week!


  1. Will have to look for this. I use Milk of Magnesia (the cheap stuff from the dollar store) as a mask for my oily skin. Every morning after washing my face, I spread on a thin layer, let it dry, then rinse it off. I can truly tell a difference between when I use it and when I don't.

  2. JUST heard about this from a good friend yesterday! Too funny!! :-)



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