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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are you kind?

Are you a kind person? If you answer yes, who are you kind to? Are you kind to the hateful? Cranky? Unreasonable? The out of shape? The girl who does not know how to dress? The lady who has whiskers on her chin?

I know it is so much easier to be kind (affectionate, loving, of a sympathetic or helpful nature, gentle in character) to those who are kind themselves, pretty, got their act together individuals who are just having an off day. Or those who are friends & family Or individuals who are nice to me, or someone just like myself.

However Proverbs 14:31 says
"Whoever is kind to the needy honors God"

Webster's dictionary defines needy as: being in want, (marked by affection, attention, or emotion support). Interestingly enough it did not necessarily indicate needy as a physical need.

No other qualifications are required. Just that they are to be needy & our response to them is to be kind.

Wow, what a challenge! I know I'm guilty of reacting towards people in the manner they treat me, or I try to avoid those individual's who are just needy who drain me. However, the bible tells me to stop and rethink my interactions with those same people! I am to view my interactions with them from a different view point.

From the viewpoint of the Lord who loves all his children. By stopping what I am doing, by taking a moment or a few minutes to be kind to them, right where they are at, even in their crankiness, unreasonableness, unorganized, maybe fit throwing, or their rushing from place to place, or in their sorrow, maybe even in their confinement. I am to see past all that and see them as God sees them and recognize their neediness.

Lord, I pray that you would open my eyes to the people I encounter who are needy. Let me not get hung up by outward appearances or the public facade they may try to present, let me really see the needs that they have. Lord please let me honor you by slowing down and being kind to those in need.
I pray my post today would impact everyone who reads my blog today. And Thank you Lord, for the rain today!



  1. Thankful for those who have shown kindness to me when I have been crabby or unreasonable or needy. Thank you for this reminder. Should remember it daily in our encounters with others.

  2. I make an effort to be kind to everyone, but especially to cashiers and clerks who put up with OTHER grouchy people all day. I think as Christians we should be smiling (even when we don't want to) and speaking encouragement to everyone we meet. Of course, I AM the woman with the whiskers on her chin I'm pretty sure. Thankfully my eyes aren't that good anymore! :)

  3. Special words to make us think on the Lords day. Have a great and blessed day.

  4. Wow this post pretty much hits the nail on the head for me! There are some specific people I struggle to be kind to on a regular basis. It is something I have to work on every day.



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