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Friday, August 17, 2012

Do I have my lips on

"Do i have my lips on?" Oh, I could not even begin to tell you how many times my mom, and myself have asked that question of each other. I laugh & think about how strange my husband face looked (then boyfriend) the first time I asked him that question! Of course, he thought where else would your lips be? I had to "explain" that I was really asking about my lipstick. "Is my lipstick still in my lips?"

Lipstick is the one makeup I really would do not want to go anywhere, without!! If a tornado warning is issued for my county in Oklahoma, I brush my hair, my teeth & put on some lipstick or lipgloss. Heaven forbid my house blow away & I get interviewed on the evening news without my lips!!!

Do you understand my concern? My obsession? Is there one type of make up you would never ever want to be seen in public without?

Proverbs 16:21b reads "pleasant words promote instruction."

Which made me think, " Am I as concerned about the pleasantness of the words I am saying as I am about how my lips look?"

If I am honest the answer is not always. How crazy is that! I want my lips to be "pretty" but I am not as concerned about the words that I am speaking to friends & family that they are, well "pretty".

I am praying that God will use my obsession(um some may call it that). With my lipstick/lipgloss and remind me to use it as a nudge to check the pleasantness of my words.

How have your words been lately? Is there a time of day you need to check your words more often, like I check my lipstick after I eat?
Well this post had been food for thought.

Hope you all have a great Friday!!


  1. You really have a gift for application. Not only of lipstick, but application of the truth to life.

  2. I think like you in this area. My lipstick is a staple, but like you said so beautifully, the area of my heart and words are so much more important. I really enjoy visits to your blog.

  3. Love this post Amy. God does indeed care more about our hearts than our appearance. But sister, I am with all the way with the lipstick! I DO NOT go without mine LIP LARD as a friend of mine used to call it!Hugs and blessings, Cindy



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