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Friday, August 10, 2012

Something's happening

You know how I wrote a bucket list for summer, with one goal being to make a smash book. So I am always on the look out for cool lettering, drawings or bibledoodles. Some of you may also know that social media platforms have become one of my love languages. So I take notice on Pinterest, Instagram, & Twitter of any of the above noted things I find interesting.

A strange thing happened the other night as I was spotting such examples of cool bible doodles & lettering.

I noticed many of these examples had a descriptive hash tag of: #shereadstruth

What is that I wondered?!?
Well I did a little research and found a wonderful on line blog offer a community of support, encouragement & accountability to women on line of all ages in doing daily biblestudy.

This blog: http://shereadstruth.com/
Uses & encourages others to use the youverse app or website to follow along different daily plans. They have chosen the "Proverbs" plan this time, which I believe is a 31 day plan. You are supposed to "click" a picture of your bible/notepad/location of where you are reading and studying the word of God and upload it and share with others what your studying via Facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc..

What a great source of positive encouragement and reminder to read God's word daily and to witness to others.

You can follow along the blogs daily insight and pictures on their blog or other social media sites. Maybe you will notice other pictures like I have, maybe you can witness to others through a picture. You know they say sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

So come on, if you are looking for inspiration or encouragement jump on the band wagon!

I love the sense of community this offers if you are unable to participate or go to a women's bible study due to scheduling issues,a busy life, example: small kids & no child care, full time working mom who needs to spend her evenings with family, a daughter or wife who is a caregiver & can not get away for long periods of time, or maybe you do not know any other believers to join with, well now you can!!

Something's is happening and you can be a part of it to!


  1. This is a new idea to me.
    Very interesting.

  2. Thanks..Amy, it is a nice idea for true inspiration.

    - Herman Swan



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