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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Big 40 & other curious things

We celebrated my husbands 40th birthday yesterday!!!

We had a fun time "welcoming" him to the 40's! The girls decorated his car and filled the back seat up with balloons! We posted "Brent is 40!" signs on almost every telephone poll from home to his work. For his viewing pleasure for his commute to work (in put evil laugh here).

My husband is human, none of us are perfect. However, I tell you the truth this man gets up every day and goes to work to support us, he loves us in actions and words and I am crazy about this man! My life is blessed because he is in it! He keeps me laughing most of the time.

One thing that put a blemish on his day, was that his Dad never called. It's sad really. They have never had words, or a big argument. His dad had simply chosen to not participate in his kids lives or show signs of interest in his grand kids. Such a sad situation! I don't really have the words to describe how I feel about it. I know my husband & his twin brother "joked" about "hey, I got my card from dad, did you?" very sarcastically joked about.

I don't care who you are, how old you are, or how great your life is, there is something inside that longs for your parents love. (I am blessed with a wonderful mother in-law, by the way- obviously his ex). My husband and myself are really baffled about his fathers apparent lack of interest. Emotional neglect can hurt anyone at any age.

Thank goodness, our Father in Heaven loves us and is interested in us and cherishes us!!! God is faithful even when our earthly fathers disappoint. God is actively seeking you & me each day. Eagerly waiting for us to stop & talk to him. Engaging him in conversation or by reading his word.

How is your relationship with your earthly parents? How is your relationship with your heavenly father? Is it time to stop and pray?

I Hope that you are having a good week!


  1. Oh my goodness. Bless his heart. It is a mystery to me how a parent can not love their child.

    How wonderful that he did not follow in his Dad's footsteps I bet his heart swelled with pride as he passed by each sign knowing that he is blessed with such a loving wife and beautiful daughters.

    I was very blessed in the parent department. And thankful to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

  2. I'm ditched from my father. I know how it can feel. Like you are not wanted. My mom is always there. Even at fathers day I feel like I should give her a "father's day card". Maybe next year I will.

    Our God does take care of us if we listen and allow him to walk with us.

    But it would have been nice to have a daddy on earth show that he loves us. A whole that can't be replaced.

    Bless you always.



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