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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Help!  I need some advice.   How do you give encouragement?   In what way do you like to receive encouragement?  What practical ways or impractical even, have you seen or witnessed encouragement being given to other people?

Be it the person needing encouragement is:

*elderly and does not get out much
*or someone struggling with depression

"An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up"  Proverbs 12:25

I appreciate that you would take the time to leave a comment on the subject!  I am really trying to learn about how to be a better at giving others encouragement.  Thank you


  1. What I find most encouraging is when someone sees me having a touch time andnot only talks to me about it then and there but checks up on me later. It makes me feel like they actually care and weren't just 'being nice' when they saw me. :)
    What a nobel idea, to work at being a better encourager. I love it :)

  2. I think you are way ahead of the game as you seem to be the kind of thoughtful and compassionate person anyone would love to have for a friend.

    Recently as I have gone through some very trying times and often just needed to cry out and let someone know I was hurting, I would send a text asking for prayer and the responses I received were immediate and comforting. Just knowing somebody was there to respond to me was a great help.

    People who have encouraged me have simply taken the time to be with me, listen to me, cry with me, don't give me false hope or trite answers, reminding me they are praying for me, and taking time to pray even the briefest prayer. Hearing that caring voice. Touch.

    Sometimes just having a fun friend who can take you away, even for a cup of coffee can lift your spirits.

    Thinking about the things that encourage you when you are hurting and doing those things for others.

    I have a tendency to give scripture and write notes when I believe the Lord has led me to give a word of encouragement or prayer to someone. Sometimes there is nothing you can say, but just holding them in your arms, embracing.

    Ask how you can help or if there is a specific thing you can do. If you know their love language, you can do something that speaks to them.

    I always want to be able to "fix" the problem. However, I am not the answer. Only God can heal the hurting heart. Remind them God loves and cares for them and that He will not leave them.

  3. It truly is a wonderful thing to care enough to be an encourager. I have found that grief is a strange animal, both for myself and for others. Often, all a person who is grieving wants is for you to be there....quietly. Since we cannot make the grief better or go away, just listening to the grieving person seems to help them. Or letting them be quiet. A good friend of mine lost a son to cancer when he was 6 years old about 32 years ago. We were riding together in her car sometime later and chatting when I said "I could just die!" Then I quickly caught myself and started to apologizing when she said "I know Josh died....it's o.k. to say die or died or death in front of me.....please never treat me like you have to choose your words when you're with me." I also found she loved to talk about him. Memories.....When my own father died very suddenly, I just needed my friends to hug me and not try to say it would be better someday.

    As far as encouraging someone who is discouraged, a card (a real card that comes in the mailbox) means a lot.

    Take care and keep on encouraging! This post in itself encouraged me!

  4. Do you ever find yourself randomly thinking about someone and have what may feel like a weird urge to give that person a call or send them a text? You may have something in particular on your heart to share or you may not. Or sometime it's as simple as sharing your table at a busy restaurant with someone who is obviously looking for a place to eat (I am actually thinking specifically of Costco here haha)

    I think that when we follow through with these urges we are following God's direction and therefore are able to encourage someone else without even realizing it.

    I ignore these urges quite often myself. BUT when I do follow them, I am blessed just as much as the other person.



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