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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ode to small town livin: Glenpool, OK

I have a blank canvas, and I was scouring Pinterest to come up with a new project to work on. I saw this cute subway art on Tulsa, Ok which Glenpool is a small town to the south of Tulsa.

As cute as I thought the subway art was, I got the giggles thinking what our small towns subway art might look like.

Our town is small, so we don't necessarily have "areas". We have a few stores, that made me giggle, but it also made me start thinking what did make my small town special?

Our town is unique, it was started out as a oilfield/make shift town. It has grown but it is still classified as small town.

(*note: not actual road sign)

I think it's not the areas of a small town that makes it special, but the people of the small town and how we come together and interact and where we interact. So if that's the case here is what my subway art of my small town would look like:

We have Warrior pride (our school's mascot), we have hometown parades, the town almost closes down for Friday night football games, we still have a local paper, a local marquees that brags about our kids, local churches, and our hometown carnival/fair called Black Gold days.

I have lived in this town for 16 years and have fallen in love with it's ways. Now don't get me wrong not everything is perfect in a small town. There are a few sayings I have found true:

"There are about the same percentages of amusing, gifted, humorous, boring, stingy, and malicious people in every social drawer"
-Emily Whaley, South Carolina

So true we have our mix of funny, kind hearted, sweet, upstanding, cranky and angry people here in Glenpool just like I'm sure you have wherever you live, no matter what size your town is!

The second is:
"In a small town, if you don't know what your doing someone else does"

Funny but true. Here in a small town, you just have to pick up the phone and call 2-3 people to find out a background check on little suzy's family that had asked your child over for a play date.

The third, is:

"Everyone dies famous in a small town"

That is so true! I realized the other day that I have not attended a funeral in my small town. No one I know has passed away. However, when there is a funeral in town. I hear stories funny ones, sad ones, praising ones all about the person who has died. What a tribute to the person who has passed.

Also, I just love hearing;

"How's your momma?"

I love that living in a small town, people really know people and their people!

In such a busy, world that is growing more global every year. It is nice to still live in a small town!

If you don't have the privilege to live in one, you might want to take a drive one weekend, grab a drink (a lot of small towns have Sonic's) and look around. If you don't enjoy it, it will at least make you appreciate your hometown.

Y'all all have a good day & come back now!


  1. "Ya'll come over and sit a spell" - life in a small town will some day be a thing of the past, as cities grow larger and spill over to the suburbs. Enjoy!

  2. When I was a little girl, I remember we visited my friend's Grandma in Glenpool. It seemed so far away from Tulsa back then.

  3. I never lived in a real small town. You helped me see that there are definite advantages. My city is fairly large, but fortunately there are many families who have lived here for many years, and roots go back far.



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